Teton Backcountry | Skiing Buck Mountain
Photos from an early Spring climb up Buck Mountain and pure powder skiing down. Witness this exciting backcountry skiing adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
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Buck Mountain – April 3, 2015

Near the top of Buck Mountain in Winter

Buck Mountain – April 3, 2015

Skiing Buck on my birthday this year was definitely one of my season highlights. Splitter day with a casual start and a great group to climb and ride with made for a memorable day! I’m going to let the photos do the talking on this one.

Headed for Buck Mountain!

A beautiful day for a walk in the mountains.

East face of Buck Mountain

Our first look at the climb and ski route

Mike Whitman admiring the Tetons flexing their muscles

Taking in the scenery

Down climbing sections of the east ridge

Lots of down and up on this ridge scramble!

Thoughtful moves making for an exciting scramble!

Some sections were harder than others

A view to the north east of GTNP

Iris and Nathaniel making some steeper moves.

Iris Lazz and Nathaniel Murphy almost to the top!

Stoke is high!

Spring turns!

Party skiing the East Face

Spring skiing sometimes means pavement walking!

Some high quality spring skiing!

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