Teton Backcountry | Climbing Mt. Tallac
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Climbing Mt. Tallac

Climbing Mt. Tallac

This is my second season living and riding around lake tahoe and until mid-Feburary I had not been up Tallac. This had to be fixed. Tallac has some of the more classic lines around the lake, and is a very popular backcountry¬†destination, during the winter and summer. Matt, Tosh, Evan, and I headed down the west shore from Tahoe City at a leisurely hour excited to be headed for a new peak. Before we arrived I had my eyes set on climbing the northeast ridge, but by the time we bushwacked through some neighborhoods, woods, and the ‘necessary’ river fording we found ourselves right in front of a mellow looking slide path that had been well traveled. We decided to head straight up, especially with conditions being very safe. You need snow for avalanches, right??


The skin was fun, but definitely steeper than it looked from below.


As we made our way to the top of the ridge the NE Bowl came into view.


It was a damn beautiful day to be out in the mountains! Tosh was stoked! I was stoked!

IMG_0948 IMG_0950

This fine weather and gorgeous backdrop even called for a group shot!


Touring in the mountains surrounding the lake provides spectacular views and shows how much terrain there is to explore in Desolation. Hopefully by the end of march we will have a TR up here about an overnight adventure a little further away from the lake shores.


On our decent we experienced every condition possible (except for over-head blower). The exposed NE bowl ranged from wind scoured ice to firm to a creamy wind buff. Once we dropped into the trees below the bowl we experienced super fun and fast powder that stayed cold and protected from the sun and wind.


The skiing was so fun in the mid-section of our descent that there was no time for pictures, just large swooping turns through perfectly spaced trees. Towards the end of these desirable conditions Tosh found a chute to schuss!


We will certainly be back to explore more of Mt. Tallac!

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