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One if by Moon, Two if by Sun

One if by Moon, Two if by Sun

Tahoe skiing and riding had turned to mush and then to death ice over the course of the weekend. Squaw and Alpine were riding like the ICE-COAST so our expectations were low, but heading out for some potentially sketchy turns under the glow of the moon was better than most options!!Image

We had the place to ourselves and the moon was huge. Too bad Tahoe’s massive population of female backcountry enthusiasts didn’t want to join….oh wait…

We moved our way up the mountain and began to find the fluffy goodness we came for! At least a dozen centimeters in some places!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe moon was big and bright, but my nighttime photography skills may not have clued you in to that. As we climbed higher it became clear the steeper stuff would have a dust on crust sensation, but the lower angle slopes would ride smooth with the occasional crunch.


All smiles from Gibbles!

We neared the peak and the glow of Reno began to compete with the full moon. It really is the biggest little city!


A blurry photo of Matt posing in front of the biggest little city in the world!

We were able to ride most of the descent without head lamps and arrived back at the car without any navigation issues, ice chunder, or polar bears getting in our way. A very successful moonlight tour. Maybe we can get a posse next month!

The sun rose after our moonlit mission and it was clear the backcountry was the place to be. Yates and I headed to a fun-zone to find some more powder while the sun shined.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlurries filled the sky all afternoon as we harvested ze turns.


Me catching some low angle pow!

The goods were everywhere, especially since most people thought the mountains were a skating rink and stayed away. We headed back up with our eyes on another untouched slope.


Eric giving some spray for the camera

The point of this story is that even if the resorts are a sheet of ice, there will most likely be some fresh off the beaten path. And if you work hard enough for those turns there is sure to be some dirty Mexican food waiting for you at the bottom of the hill!


mmm nachos

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